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Founded in 2000, BestSub Technologies Co Limited is professional leading supplier and manufacturer in digital printing industry with decades of experience. We are now a company with over 8000 products, such as JS coatings sublimation mugs, enamel mugs, stainless steel tumblers, water bottles, photo slates, ceramic ornaments, fleece blankets, sublimation machines, craft materials, engraving machines and engravable blanks. Also, we provide various printing solutions. For example, our toner laser transfer system creates perfect print-out results on dark-color T-shirts and mugs; our innovative tumbler heat press helps fast transfer vibrant prints on tumblers and water bottles; our JTrans all-purpose printing system realizes mass printing of different kinds of blanks and improves efficiency.


In addition to the heat transfer industry, we also set foot in other customization fields. From 2017, we have supplied a wide range of UV coated blanks with great ink adhesion and colorfastness including mugs, stainless steel bottles, slates, acrylic blocks and so on, and we have launched lots of laser engravable items such as slates, mugs, stainless steel tumblers, water bottles, bamboo and wooden cutting boards, leather products and more. In 2020, we developed Laser Creation, two smart multi-functional laser engravers that work speedily and precisely. In 2021, we have newly established Craft Express, the brand covers over 1000 craft blanks, vinyls, stickers, diverse materials, and craft machines of different fields including sublimation printing, vinyl transfer, fast cutting, laser engraving, and stamp making. We will continue to develop new products to lead the trend of customization.


During the past decades years, we have gained good reputation for outstanding product quality, short delivery period, supportive after-sale services and ever-improving spirit. We have developed business in over 200 countries, and built up professional distribution network covering both the domestic and overseas markets with 45 foreign agents so far. In 2015, we established our Spain office to helps improve our communication with the European and Latin American customers. To develop more cooperation, we also encourage new potential partners to set up and expand their own business by providing our starter packages and after-sales supports to realize steady startups and growth.


All over China, We have eight factories in total, including five coating factories, one textile factory, one blanket factory, and one heat press factory.


Our two coating factories in Shandong cover an area of 150000 square meters in all, mainly producing white ceramic mugs, color ceramic mugs, and enamel mugs. With five highly-efficient production lines, we can produce 180,000 ceramic mugs, 5000 cartons altogether, and over 30000 enamel mugs. This high daily output ensures sufficient inventory and on-time delivery. All our mugs are coated with our self-developed JS coating, which guarantees vivid print-out results, great colorfastness, and washing cycles over 3500 times. After coating, we will examine the mugs through printing test, boiling test, and random quality checks, ensuring they fulfill the standards.


We also have two factories in Jiangxi province. One covers an area of 16000 square meters in Ganzhou Economic Development Zone. With three key production lines, it can produce 15000 glass mugs, 3200 pieces of ceramic tiles or glass cutting boards, 30000 pieces of ceramic ornaments per day. Other popular sublimation blanks are also made here such as metal gadgets, lighters and bottle openers. Another factory is in Jiujiang City, with two production lines specialized in producing photo slates of great quality and colorfastness.


The other one coating factory is in Zhejiang Province, covering an area of 7000 square meters, with three key production lines mainly producing stainless steel flasks, water bottles, tumblers, and more metal drinkware. The best-selling skinny tumblers are made here, with a huge daily output of 10000 pieces! With this high efficient factory as a significant advantage, we can ensure stability of quality, reduce production time, and customize bottles according to customers’ requirements.


Another factory in Zhejiang Province also covering an area of 2000 square meters, mainly producing blankets, towels, and pillow covers, capable of reaching the outputs of 3000 blankets, 5000 towels and 20000 pillow covers per day! Various kinds of blankets and pillow covers can be found here, such as fleece blankets, minky blankets, sherpa lined blankets, panel blankets and pillow covers, linen, plush, and canvas pillow covers, etc.


The machine factory of BestSub is situated in Dongguan City, with years of experience in developing sublimation machines such as mug presses, tumbler heat presses, flat heat presses, multi-functional combo presses, and the printing machines for craft DIY projects. The monthly output reaches 2000 sets of machines. We also offer machine customization services by applying your color and adding your logo.


Our textile factory is located in Guangzhou city, covering an area of 1200 square meters. With two production lines and 18 workstations, it can produce more than 1000 kinds of fabric products such as baby textile items, pet clothes, bags, mouse pads, doormats, phone cases, wallets, backpacks, pillow covers, towels, notebooks, garden flags, and more.

BestSub warehouse is also located in Guangzhou City, covers an area of 10000 square meters in Nansha District. Thousands of products are classified and stored here in this clean space, ready to be shipped. Once ordered, your goods will be examined randomly, then packed carefully and delivered to you intactly. Moreover, we can customize your packing cartons and arrange shipment from whichever port you want.

Our R&D team works with a clear vision of the trends and market demands, managing to develop new products that are widely liked as customized corporate gifts, souvenirs, personal gifts, and promotional items, and sold to all over the world. As a one-stop supplier of sublimation products, craft materials, UV pintables and engraving blanks, we provide a product portfolio covering equipment, press machine accessories, heat transfer consumables, coated ceramic products, coated metal products, coated glass products, sublimation gadgets and fabric products, OEM program and any other relevant products. You will surely find what you like in BestSub.

With great confidence, we are sincerely looking forward to your contact and wishing to establish an enjoyable and profitable cooperation with you in the future.


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